Bring Your Own Creativity: August 2016

Bring Your Own Creativity August 2016: Create something that represents travel: it could be about a trip you have taken, somewhere you want to go, or even something you could use on an adventure!

It's the last month of Bring Your Own Creativity. I want to thank Katy again for inviting me to participate in this challenge. I would love to do this challenge again next year. 

If you haven't already, you can take a look at what I created for June and July.

And If you've just stumbled on this post and are thinking, "Dang it, I missed BYOC," complete the prompts anyway! This was a summer challenge, but that doesn't mean you can't bring your own creativity any time of the year!

Ready to make some magic for August?


August's Prompt:


Create something that represents travel: it could be about a trip you have taken, somewhere you want to go, or even something you could use on an adventure!


I don't take a lot of vacations, and the ones I do, I usually visit family. And that's how it's been my entire life. Family is the most important thing to my parents, so growing up, every vacation involved family. And if you gave me the chance to go anywhere in the world right now, I'd go to see my grandparents. Every time. Even though I saw them in June, I would give up a trip anywhere to be with them.

I already used my trip to Denver for my June #BYOCreatvity prompt though, so as I was thinking about this month's prompt, I decided I wanted to share something with you I don't share often enough: I'm an author. I write paranormal fantasy fiction under the name E. L. Scott, and all my novels are listed on my author website:

What does that have to do with August's prompt?

Let me introduce you to Vianez Atil. (She's the main character of the Owl Flight series.) Vianez'a life sucks--at least, she thinks it sucks. Why? Because her dad just moved her whole family to some dinky little town in the middle of nowhere. Vianez is 16, so having to leave the home she's lived in her whole life plus leave all her friends is the worst. And to make matter worse, this new town, Owl Flight, it''s a werewolf community. Shit.


Vianez Atil’s family has recently moved to Owl Flight, an isolated town near the borders of the giants, but something isn’t right about this town…Along with her new friends, Penora and Tenoch, Vianez is about to discover much more about Owl Flight than she ever wanted.

Between solving the town’s mysteries and avoiding being killed, Vianez will have to face what happens when one stumbles into a werewolf community. Buy Owl Flight: Season One now and follow Vianez as she takes down a rogue werewolf gang, faces the threat of prison, and tries to stop Owl Flight from turning into a bloodbath.



Without realizing it, I was writing a bit of my own story when I started Owl Flight. No, I haven't had any werewolves try to kill me, yet, but my family moved when I was a teenager to a "foreign" world too: The Coachella Valley. (I grew up in San Bernardino, so the desert was very foreign to me.)

It’s tough at any age to be in an unfamiliar place and try to make new friends who are already set in their ways. But moving can also give one a chance to grow in a way they may not have. What I love about travel in this story though is Vianez's transformation. Over the course of four books, Vianez accepts Owl Flight as her home. I just finished writing the fourth and last book in this series, and I knew I wanted this transformation to be complete before I ended the last novel because I've experienced my own transformation: I see the desert as my home now. I might complain about the heat, but it holds a beauty that took me years to discover.


Owl Flight is the hidden gem of Vianez's travels.

The Coachella Valley is  the hidden gem of my travels.

What's yours?