Art Journal Background: Splatter

Art Journal Background

My favorite thing about art journaling is it isn't about being perfect. We get too caught up in the ideal of perfectionism. Art journaling isn't about that, and in a world where everyone is trying to put on their perfect persona 24/7, it's nice to have a place to go where you can get messy and not feel that pressure.


It's nice to have a place to escape perfection. To go where you can get messy. (<<< tweet that!)


The splatter technique is one of my favorites for art journal backgrounds because it is so easy and fast. This background took less than five minutes; no joke.

  1. Lay down a thin layer of any color of your choice. I prefer using watercolors when I want a fast page because they dry so quickly.
  2. Optional: On this spread I added the zigzag lines for an extra pop. You can skip this, but if you want any other lines or shapes on your page underneath the splatter, dip a thin brush into color of choice (I used black watercolor) and roughly create your lines. (You can tell these lines of mine aren't perfect; I don't want them to be.)
  3. Now the fun part. Get some paint on your brush (not too much), hold the brush six to twelve inches above the paper, and flick your wrist over and over again. You'll have to play around with the amount of paint you get on your brush with how high you hold the brush over the paper. (This will help change the size of the splats).

The splats will take longer to dry, but all you need to do is set it aside and clean up your area (or create another background!). As long as you keep your base layer(s) thin, the drying time is very quick and you can knock out several journal page background in one sitting if you wish.



Let me know if you try out this technique and send or tag me in your picture using the hashtag #creativeandliving.