Hi there, I'm Emily Scott, and I'm an explorer. In late 2015, I wanted to try something new, so I took a chance on creating an online business. In 2016, that business became "By Emily Scott."  Throughout the year, I focused on helping bloggers and creative entrepreneurs tap into their creativity and develop strategies to create more content in less time.

And I enjoyed the community I built. I had a blast creating the posts you'll find on the blog, and I loved showing creative entrepreneurs that it's possible to create meaningful content that resonates with their audience but in half the time.

But something wasn't right. Even though working on this business was fun, I was missing out on something more important: my writing passion. So at the end of 2016, I decided I would stop blogging and creating new content for byemilyscott.com and instead focus on my writing career.

Yes, I miss this business, but sometimes, you have to give up something good to go after something even better. Writing has been that for me. I'm still blogging, I'm still creating, and I'm still connecting with others, but I'm doing so through my author platform, authorelscott.com(If you're looking for my newsletter, this is where you'll find it...that and a bunch of awesome fantasy fiction books and games ;)

I stand by the content you'll find on this site. Each post is relevant, useful, and up to date. And if you are a blogger or creative entrepreneur struggling with productivity and creativity, I'm always happy to help if I can. Feel free to contact me here or email me at emily@byemilyscott.com

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